One Word

I’d tried something new, so if you want to watch a video version of this week’s message, here is a link:

New Year’s resolutions end almost as quickly as they begin. We all feel disappointed in ourselves over the last year, so we come up with lofty goals of what we want to do in the coming year. These range from working out more, to eating healthy, to spending more time with family. These all sound great, but for some reason they are difficult to follow through on for the entire year. If you are lucky you can last for a month or two.

Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page wrote a book called, One Word. Because New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep, they encourage finding One Word instead. Instead of trying to keep unspecific goals, you choose one word to live into.  They break it down into a 3-step process:

  1. Look inward: take time to be silent and unplug. Ask yourself three questions: What do I need? What’s in my way? What needs to go?
  2. Look upward: pray and ask God, “What do you want to do in me and through me?”
  3. Look outward: How will you be reminded of your word throughout the year? Who can do One Word with you?

To download the action plan go to

After you click on the link there should be a button to hit that says, “Free Action Plan.”

You take time to see what you need in your life, pray to God about what is on your heart, and see what you can do for others in 2019.

My word for 2018 was STAND. I wanted to better stand up for myself and stand for what I believe in. I found myself easily swayed and pushed around in the past, so I chose to live into that word during 2018. In 2019 my word was HOPE. I needed to keep hope through tough ups and downs this year. I found much more success with choosing one word instead of making a resolution. Instead of feeling the pressure to meet a lofty guideline for myself during the year, I choose to live into one word. I’ve seen the power of one word change my life and my friends’ lives.

This is a great exercise for a team starting a season as well. For the guys on the cross country team, this is where we came up with the idea to implement a one word or phrase for the 2018-2019 school year, “We Go Heavy.” Like the way one word can shape an individual’s year, it can push a team through a season.

Choosing one word helps take the focus from things you are trying to do to the person you want to be. Instead of wanting to work out every day, you want to live into the word HEALTH. You want to be OPTIMISTIC or LOVE better. Your word can drastically shape the way you live your life every day.

I don’t know what my word for 2020 will be, but I want you to join with me. Take the time to really find the word that speaks to you. It is better to take an extra week or two to find your word than to rush to have it ready on January 1st.

Make 2020 your year and start the new decade strong. Be the person you want to be. Find your word.


I appreciate you.



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